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The outcome if you call the wrong installers (often the cheapest), is highly likely going to be the wrong outcome. Why not run a few prudent checks before you allow installation work to occur under your watch?

View our comments below to learn why your contractors should be insured and how their insurance should cover you.

To protect you, the public, product, employees, property and ourselves, the Elbowroom group of companies, encompassing Correct Installs, maintains a broad range of insurance cover, accreditations, registrations and memberships, including Interstate and cross-border coverage on all insurances and legislative requirements.

See our Kudos Page for more checks you should undertake before risking your site and your people to unlicensed or incompetent subcontractors.

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Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licence #1314427. QBCC Licensed? This is a legislated requirement before installing Pallet Racking in Queensland.


Public & Product Liability cover. Adequate Public Liability Insurance cover? Your property, your landlord’s property, your neighbour’s property and all persons who may come in contact with installers are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

$1M per project

Contract Works cover. Contract Works Insurance? Our tools, our plant, our equipment is all covered by our own Contract Works Insurance while it is on your site. Without this insurance, you could be responsible for covering any loss of your selected installer’s equipment.


Professional Indemnity Insurance. Professional Indemnity Insurance? When dealing with Correct Installs, you are comprehensively covered by our extensive knowledge base and expertise when offering our advice. You are additionally covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.


SGC super guarantee charge. Correct Installs maintains extensive and current Workers Compensation and Superannuation coverage on all employees. In some cases the “Principal” (that’s you) can be held responsible for non-payment of entitlements to contractors’ employees.

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