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Correct Installs are your one stop shop for Pallet Racking Relocations. We offer comprehensive business relocation services and work with you from start to finish to ensure your desired outcomes are met and where possible exceeded.

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Correct Installs supply, design and install all brands of pallet racking, shelving and equipment and can look after the entire process for you, including:


Rack Pin Down
  • Pulling down your existing Storage System
  • Designing the layout for the new premises
  • Packing the pulled down items for transport
  • Using approved design to install the transported items and any additional storage items required or identified in the process
  • Inspection of your storage system, providing a load rating where applicable and buying back any unused items


Correct Installs will provide an initial consultation to plan the pallet racking relocation work to be performed and ascertain your desired outcomes whilst checking for any at-risk concerns the task may contain. The plan will include aspects of our initial consultation, our delivery on your desired outcomes, and a logistic plan to suit your program – for your feedback.

A final plan is then created from the feedback provided and handed over for approval, a layout of the Storage System is then designed and, working closely with you, we will investigate every practical aspect of your business activities involving the storage and movement of product in your facility. The final plan will ensure that all racksshelvingcompactus and other storage equipment proposed in our layout proposal are conforming to the applicable Australian Standards and are suitably engineered to the agreed applications.


Correct Installs will investigate both the existing location and the new premises to understand and document the general access issues, the people we will be working with and any obvious safety hazards.

We will ensure:
  • Your existing location/s and your intended location/s are scoped to understand and document the general access issues, the people we will be working with and any obvious safety hazards;
  • Our arrival and commencement on site will occur at the agreed and scheduled time;
  • The dismantling, relocation and re-installation of your storage equipment by us will be carried out only in a safe and efficient manner;
  • The re-installation of your storage equipment by us will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s prescribed and modern method, or where the origin of the equipment is unknown, it will be re-installed in accordance with our industry’s highest standards and methods;
  • You are advised in advance of our optional services which may be applicable in relation to all aspects of your pallet racking relocation;
  • Your satisfaction.
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Correct Installs also offer extra services such as – Warehouse end of lease clean up. Have your Warehouse cleaned and ready to hand over to the new tenants. You will benefit greatly by choosing to contact us during the preliminary stages of your business

High Rise Pallet racking
Our Warehouse Clean up package includes the following services:
  • Masonry anchors removed, with remaining holes plugged/grouted;
  • Minor floor damage repaired;
  • Floors acid washed and re-sealed;
  • Non-building structures and add-ons removed;
  • Walls and floors repainted.

Correct Installs constantly monitor throughout the process of pallet racking relocation and will advise any productivity improvements that can be achieved and minimise wastage.

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