Warehouse Relocation Services

Warehouse Relocation Services

Correct Installs provide comprehensive warehouse relocation services, contact us today to see how we can make the relocation process simple and easy for your business.

The process starts with a consultation to fully understand your needs — including everything from creating a draft plan to a complete warehouse relocation with the optional dismantling and reinstallation of all of your storage equipment.

The initial consultation will involve the collecting of information about your operation, your at-risk concerns, your program and, most importantly, your desired outcomes.

Correct Installs are always committed to safety. If we notice anything that could affect the safety of your shelving or warehouse business activities, we will bring it to your attention immediately before any significant action can be taken.

We take even the smallest details about your company into consideration before the move. This includes the types of forklifts or heavy machinery you use, how fast you need to move stock around, and general ergonomic design concepts — so you can trust that we are providing the most optimal storage solution possible.

Correct Installs takes the time to understand your business and ensure that when everything is assembled in the new location, the flow and system of your space will be better than it was before the move. For hassle-free business relocation services in Brisbane and throughout Australia, contact the team at Correct Installs.

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