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Correct Installs offers a range of mobile storage solutions. We service and repair all brands. We have listed below the ‘StorTite Mobile Storage System’ and the ‘Compactus System’. 

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Hand operated StorTite option will allow movement over 4 tonnes with a simply push

StorTite Mobile Storage System

Correct Installs offers a range of mobile storage solutions. We offer the ‘StorTite Mobile Storage System’ and the Compactus System

Advanced engineering and technology has been applied to the StorTite range of mobile storage systems. Electrically Operated, Mechanically Assisted and Hand Operated mobiles available to carry very large loads and a variety of storage products.

Our StorTite® mobiles are robust and will last many years while handling the heaviest loads with maximum use. 

Control Ranges

  • Hand Operated (H/O) StorTite® – Move over 4 tonnes of material with a gentle push
  • Mechanically Assisted (M/A) StorTite® – Move up to 15 tonnes by simply turning the handle
  • Electrically Operated (E/O) StorTite® – Suited to the largest applications.


A Five Star Storage Solution the Compactus system (introduced to Australia by Brownbuilt in the 1950’s) pioneered the concept of shelving with a moveable access aisle. The Office Compactus (a direct development of the original) followed suit to meet the growing needs for space-saving and efficient filing systems in the office environment of the 1960’s. Specifically designed for high density storage, it’s become the most popular rolling storage unit on the market. Many Australians have come to realise that an upgrade to this system of office management is a worthy investment in their future growth.

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