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Correct Installs provide a large range of Storage Solutions for all types and sizes of Businesses including advice, repairs, maintenance, installation, relocations and refurbishments. Servicing Brisbane and most QLD areas, we also supply goods Australia Wide.


Our team at Correct Installs doing a pallet rack inspection

Pallet Racking Inspections

To comply with Australian Standard 4084, your racking must be inspected every 12 months, regardless of size, working loads or traffic so call us now to book in your inspection. Correct Installs can arrange for your pallet racking or storage system to be inspected by our licenced and accredited sister company – Inspect-a-RACK.

Inspect-a-RACK is qualified to inspect all warehouse and workplace installations of Racking, Shelving, Compactus and Storage Systems and all rack brands, including Colby; Brownbuilt; Dexion; Schaefer; APC; Stow; Acrow; Spacerack; Macrack.

Pallet Racking Installations

Correct Installs is without doubt the most reliable pallet racking installations team in Australia with a dedicated in-house, yet independent HR, OH&S and Operations Managers to ensure that the people we place on your site have all the knowledge, equipment, insurance, inductions and paperwork required to satisfactorily complete any job we agree to take on. We ensure the best possible storage solutions for your business.

All of our pallet rack installations teams are trained and competent to perform tasks assigned them and only operate tested and tagged equipment and tools as well as being fully licensed, accredited and ticketed on the equipment they operate.

Correct Installs will check your pallet racking design prior to committing installers and cost to your project, including checks to ensure compliance with product’s associated construction codes and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Correct installs relocating some pallet racking for a client in Brisbane

Storage System & Pallet Racking Relocations

Correct Installs supply, design and install all brands of pallet racking, shelving and storage system equipment and can look after the entire process for you, including:

·         Pulling down your existing Storage Systems
·         Designing the layout for the new premises
·         Packing the pulled down items for transport
·         Using approved design to install the transported items and any additional storage items required or identified in the process
·         Inspection of your storage systems, providing a load rating where applicable and buying back any unused items
Correct Installs will provide an initial consultation to plan the pallet racking relocation work to be performed and ascertain your desired outcomes whilst checking for any at-risk concerns the task may contain.

Correct Installs will investigate both the existing location and the new premises to understand and document the general access issues, the people we will be working with and any obvious safety hazards.

Correct Installs constantly monitor throughout the process of pallet racking relocation and will advise any productivity improvements that can be achieved and minimise wastage.

Pallet Racking Repairs and Maintenance

Correct Installs provides low-cost pallet racking repairs and maintenance programs, as well as a fast call-out service to ensure your racking systems are in good repair and risk free and service all brands, including Colby, Brownbuilt, Dexion, Schaefer, APC, Stow, Acrow, Spacerack and Macrack.

The service team is equipped to perform scheduled pallet racking maintenance anywhere within Australia, New Zealand and abroad including all warehouse and workplace installations of racking, shelving, compactus and storage systems. Whether you’re a business, factory, warehouse, office, school, mine site, manufacturer or distributor, the downtime associated with neglected storage systems can be considerable.

To ensure peak performance of your storage systems, we encourage scheduled maintenance of all dynamic systems (conveyors, pallet and carton live storage and all mobile shelving) and thoroughly encourage 6-monthly inspections of your static systems such as pallet racking and longspan shelving.

Repairing a damaged pallet rack


Correct Installs also offer extra services such as – Warehouse end of lease clean up. Have your Warehouse cleaned and ready to hand over to the new tenants. You will benefit greatly by choosing to contact us during the preliminary stages of your business

Our Warehouse Clean up package includes the following services:
·         Masonry anchors removed, with remaining holes plugged/grouted;
·         Minor floor damage repaired;
·         Floors acid washed and re-sealed;
·         Non-building structures and add-ons removed;
·         Walls and floors repainted.


Correct Installs, maintains a broad range of insurance cover, accreditations, registrations and memberships, including Interstate and cross-border coverage on all insurances and legislative requirements, see the Our Cover page for full details. Correct Installs is part of the Elbowroom group of companies which has been an industry leader since 1973. Memberships, associations and accreditation’s are vital to us in ensuring that we maintain our position as industry leaders in innovative solutions, industry best practices and delivery to customer expectations. Take a look at the Elbowroom group’s full capability statement here: Elbowroom Capability Statement (includes Correct Installs)

Correct Installs are a licensed and accredited racking installaion, repair and m aintenance company in Brisbane

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